Editorial Policy


Accuracy is vital. The discovery of an error necessitates rapid repair. Corrections to previously published articles should not be grudging or parsimonious. They must be written with a sincere desire to rectify a mistake in the most just and comprehensive manner possible.

Our task is urgent. Yet reliability is always more crucial than speed.

Constant concern is given to taste. Some vital information is fundamentally repulsive. Its management is unnecessary.


Our team is responsible for preserving The Art Of Handbell Ringing’s standards. There is so much individualism involved in content reporting, writing, and editing that it is hard to develop guidelines that cover every potential scenario.

Among the most essential of these methods:

Examine thoroughly before to posting anything in which the accuracy of the information is in question or when there is even the smallest basis for doubt. When in doubt, eliminate it. But never use this as a reason to abandon a viewpoint without careful inspection. The skepticism must be founded on a thorough study of all the evidence.

The ability of postings to do harm may reach both the average citizen and the largest corporations. The Art Of Handbell Ringing’s honesty and sensitivity need that managers and workers respond swiftly and with compassion when an error occurs. It makes no difference whether the complaint comes from a timid individual acting alone or from the attorneys of a prominent figure.


One of our responsibilities is to avoid actions that diminish the profession or undermine our reputation. Because we broadcast negative news about politicians who behave unethically, caretakers who misuse their position of trust, and businesspeople that disregard ethics for profit, we must observe and be perceived as adhering to strict ethical standards.

It is difficult to discuss every imaginable ethical dilemma in this book. Yet, the following guiding principles are presented in the spirit of advancing, not limiting, our work.

  1. Ethical conduct is nourished by self-respect and a passion for journalism.
  2. The Art of Handbell Ringing is self-supporting. The staff should not accept anything that might jeopardize our credibility or integrity.
  3. Staff members of The Art Of Handbell Ringing do not misrepresent themselves in order to publish content.


Objectivity is comparable to exercise. Regular exercise is required to develop muscle tone and strength.

The greatest way to maintain impartiality is to question oneself frequently, “Are I being as unbiased, honest, and fair as possible?”

Further guidelines for impartiality:

Controversial parties, whether in politics, law, or otherwise, are treated fairly. Conflicting interests’ statements need equal importance, whether they are incorporated into a single article or published at different periods.

Always attempt to obtain contrasting viewpoints for simultaneous publication.

If an assault by one organization or individual against another has already been reported, any authorized response will likewise be conveyed. If you are unable to access a reliable source, state so and continue trying.

When a relative unknown expresses contentious opinions, call into doubt his or her subject matter competence. If there is no expertise or the individual does not have an official position that lends credibility to their opinions, the report should be carefully considered for adoption.


Errors happen. When this occurs, it is always of the utmost importance to repair the issue swiftly and effectively.

Posts are continuously published online for at least 24 hours, while certain forms of content may remain accessible for much longer. In contrast to a newspaper edition, internet material is not static. Being current online posts, they are subject to modification at any time.