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The Art of Handbell Ringing is the leading online resource for handbell ringing. Our goal is to improve the music made by handbell choirs around the world, through informative and creative articles on ringing techniques and equipment. We provide helpful tips and advice to handbell ringers of all levels, with the goal of making handbell music sound better than ever before. We believe that everyone has the potential to make beautiful music with handbells, and our mission is to help people achieve their full musical potential. Our blog also serves as a community hub for handbell ringers from all corners of the globe, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among our readers. We hope that you’ll join us on this journey! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced ringer, we have something for you. We can’t wait for you to join the community of handbell ringers!

What Is Handbell Ringing?

Handbell ringing is the art of playing music with a set of specially designed bells. Handbells come in many sizes and pitches, from tiny “jingle” bells to large concert-style handbells. A single person can play a handbell solo or multiple people can perform together in an ensemble called a handbell choir.

Resource Categories

We cover each topic in depth, so you can become the most skilled handbell ringer possible. We strive to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, and hope that our site will help enhance your musical experience!

Handbell Ringing Techniques

Explore proper ringing practices to maximize your handbell artistry. To fully appreciate this intriguing instrument, you must master handbell technique. Understanding handbell grip, wrist motion, and damping techniques allows ringers to produce a symphony of clear, resonant tones, like a talented painter. By practicing various handbell techniques, you may effortlessly navigate difficult sections, execute quick sequences, and even switch bells. Proper technique such as ringing in a circular motion reduces strain and weariness, helping you play each melody with aplomb. Through persistent practice and dedicated study, you will discover the transformational power of precise ringing techniques, allowing you to breathe life into compositions, infuse them with passion, and elicit a kaleidoscope of emotions in yourself and your listener. Don’t know what a primary bell or a secondary bell is? That’s okay, you will learn! Develop the full potential of your technical expertise to achieve advanced methods such as playing with more than two bells at one time, in addition to unlocking the full musical art of handbells as a whole.

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General Musicality

Here, we believe that cultivating a foundation of general musical knowledge is paramount to unlocking the full potential of handbell ringing. Just as a conductor guides an orchestra with expertise, possessing an understanding of musical theory, rhythm, and notation empowers ringers to elevate their performances to breathtaking heights. When one comprehends the intricate relationships between melody and harmony, they can interpret compositions with nuanced expression, infusing each note with a profound sense of purpose. By delving into the depths of musical knowledge, handbell ringers gain a heightened awareness of dynamics, phrasing, and musicality, allowing them to seamlessly blend their chimes into a symphony of celestial sounds. Here, we’ll teach you the basics such as what a staccato note is, as well as other advanced concepts such as a chromatic scale. Discover the transformative power of musical understanding as you embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting world of handbell ringing.

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Lifestyle & Culture

Embark on a harmonious journey of shared passion and collective artistry as a member of the radiant tapestry of a handbell choir. Within the embrace of this captivating community, the joys of playing handbells multiply exponentially. The bonds formed within a handbell choir transcend the music itself, weaving together a fabric of trust, support, and friendship. As you synchronize your movements and rhythms with fellow ringers, a profound sense of unity emerges, creating a magical connection that transcends words. Together, you navigate the complexities of intricate melodies, lifting one another through uplifting harmonies and melodic cascades. The collective pursuit of musical excellence becomes a shared endeavor, fostering personal growth and mutual inspiration. In this inclusive haven, diverse backgrounds and experiences merge, fostering a vibrant tapestry of perspectives that enriches both the music and the lives of those involved. A bell choir can truly help to craft transcendent moments, as well as forge lifelong bonds that resonate with joy and harmony.

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Equipment & Supplies

Step into the realm of handbell excellence with our comprehensive selection of articles on the best bell equipment and supplies, meticulously crafted to enhance your ringing experience. We understand that the pursuit of perfection requires the perfect tools, and that’s why we offer information on a curated collection of handbells, cases, mallets, and accessories designed to meet the burgeoning needs of every ringer. Whether it’s a padded table or a stand in order to have a suspended handbell you seek, rest assured that we can provide you guidance on the most optimal setup. Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional handbell equipment and supplies, and elevate your ringing to unparalleled heights of sonic splendor.

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Where Do Handbells Originate From?

Handbells have a fascinating history that spans millennia of human expression. Handbells began when ancient civilizations discovered the captivating power of bell-like devices. These bronze and other resonant metal antecedents set the stage for melodic miracles to come. Monasteries and cathedrals used handbells to call the devout to prayer over the years. Bell choirs were very popular in churches and communities due to their musical potential. With advances in metallurgy and craftsmanship, handbells became sparkling gems with precisely tuned clappers and resonant bodies that provide remarkable clarity and resonance. They are still widely used in church services (especially around Christmas), along with accompanying piano music more often than not. Handbells have truly transcended time and borders to touch the hearts and souls of everyone who hear their mesmerizing melody. There are decades of musical advancement packed into each tiny chime of handbells.

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